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Plays available for production

Full Length Plays

B-19 (2f, 2 or 3m)
The year is 1971. B-19 is a suicidal gay man who is offered a radical "cure" by an ambitious doctor Heathman. Heathman wants to insert electrodes into the "pleasure centers" of the young man's brain, in order to condition him to prefer women. Twenty years after this treatment, a mysterious young woman shows up at Dr. Heathman's door, ready to question history.
Single set. 90 minutes, no intermission.

No City New York (2f, 2m)
Iraq War veteran Steve returns home to care for his mentally handicapped sister after his occult-obsessed mother dies. When his father reappears on the scene, Davey knows the man has hidden motives. But can Davey hold his family together when his sister is growing up, his girlfriend is moving to New Mexico, his job has fled to China, and his father is trying to rob him of the one valuable thing his mother left him?
Single set. 90 minutes, no intermission.

Code (2f, 2m)
Brenda is a burnt-out FBI agent who accepts one last undercover job: to bust the hacker Stee. When a Russian mobster gives Stee 90 minutes to live, illusions begin to collapse as each discovers that it's not just online where people try to fabricate whole new lives for themselves.
Minimal set. 90 minutes, no intermission.

Build (2f, 2m)
Mia and Justin are partners in their own architecture firm. Richard is a entomologist engaged to the dancer Tatyana. When Richard seduces Mia, Justin loses not only his lover but his practice. As their lives collapse, and Justin becomes increasingly violent, each of them must decide whether art merely decorates our biology, or transcends it.
Minimal set. 110 minutes, one intermission.

Heaven's View (3f, 3m)
Katerina has finally climbed off the post-doc mill and landed a job as a government field biologist when she is accused, by a former lover, of falsifying data for political reasons. She has no one to turn to but Galileo Galilei and Marie Curie for guidance, but her retreats into imagination keep getting invaded by the Inquisitor. Katerina must ultimately decide how much she's willing to sacrifice, and how much she's willing to confess, in order to start her life again.
Minimal set. 120 minutes, one intermission.

One Act Plays

Speed Marrying (1f, 2m)
A long courtship is a waste of time. Try out a dozen marriages some Friday night instead. But will domestic life turn out any different by the end of the evening?
Minimal set. 10 minutes.

The Master of Maybe (1f, 1m)
A futures trader who may be dead confronts a woman who may be his replacement among the living.
Minimal set. 10 minutes.

Waiting for Santot (2f, 1m)
The holidays are insufferable. They say that Santot can help. But why does he never show up?
Minimal set. 10 minutes.

My Tunguska Event (2f, 1m)
The universe, the Earth, and each one of us will die. The question is, which first? Two astrophysicists and an oncologist are drawn together by the end of their worlds.
Minimal set. 10 minutes.

True Story of 'Bout a Dead Bitch (1f, 1m)
Julie is a struggling actress getting by in New York by pet-sitting. Stevie is a crack addicted thief. A dead dog in a suitcase causes them to have a deadly collision.
Minimal set. 25 minutes.

The Blood in the Wing (1f, 1m)
They were still burning witches in Europe when the artist and naturalist Maria Sybilla Marian went with her daughters to Surinam to study and paint the creatures of the wilderness. The Church could not stand in her way -- but her estranged husband might.
Minimal set. 10 minutes.

Feeding Mr. Why (3m)
Kurt Godel was the greatest logician who ever lived. But it takes two other geniuses -- Albert Einstein and Oskar Morgenstern -- to convince him to eat.
Minimal set. 10 minutes.





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